Articles Posted in March 2016

 BHPB Zero Hazard Identification Competition

Impact Engineering's crew working at the BHPIO Jimblebar mine site were recipients of the major prize and a minor recognition prize for providing safety initiatives during a site wide contractor zero hazard identification competition. The competition rated hazards on the potential severity level and also practicality of the solution. In total 13 prizes were awarded across various contractors. Impact Engineering had 3 entries in the top 13; including first prize.

Ted Bentick, Impact Engineering Site Supervisor, took home the major prize for providing the initiative with the greatest risk reduction score using the BHPBIO corporate risk assessment tool. This initiative identified a potential dropped object hazard from Iron Ore product built up on the supporting Train Load Out (TLO) Bin sub structure. Ted highlighted the hazard to BHPBIO operators who would walk through the area while trains were loading and the TLO structure was vibrating.  The potential for falling hazards was high. The area was barricaded off until the build-up was removed.

Brett Aldrich and Ashley Thompson were also successful with their safety initiatives identifying the need for drop mats and putting steel waste coupons from the machining process into scrap buckets.

Impact Engineering were engaged via Linkforce Engineering to undertake on-site machining of the TLO Bin and successfully completed over 4,800 hours of site work injury free.

Congratulations to the Impact Engineering Team on a successful project.

Pictured (L-R) Ash Thompson, Tom Pope (fill in for Brett Aldrich) & Ted Bentick